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We offer technology consulting, design engineering programming, installation, commissioning, and supervision services for communication systems in your hybrid environments. If your business depends on high quality communications systems and resilience services, we have the team, the experience and the tools to help you.

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Modern Workplace Considerations

Building video conferencing systems to connect people in various locations around the world is what started our business. We are experts in the installation, commissioning and design engineering programming of audio video devices that make a system work. This business-critical service is in high demand from our clients who need video conferencing for their hybrid workplace.

We install smart communication systems in various office and remote workspace locations. We specialize in the Tech sector and Education environments where high-quality communication systems are essential for daily operations.

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High quality audio visual conference rooms

High Quality Audio & Video

High performance equipment delivers high-fidelity audio-visual results

Reliable video devices

Reliable Support

To reduce downtime in your conference room space, we have a team of industry experts to quickly diagnose and respond to any outages

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Project Supervision

Dedicated and experienced personnel that can manage, mediate, support and maintain the pace of an ongoing project

Experienced and well trained audio visual technicians

Technician Community

We have a team of industry focused technicians who specialize in the installation and commissioning of AV devices and care about the work that they do

Talk to one of our experts today to discover more about our services! If you didn't find what you’re looking for on this page, connect with us anyway - we may know someone who can help you!

Business Critical Services For Interactive Environments

Technology Consulting

In the vast technological landscape, it is essential you are choosing the right components to function cohesively and meet the intended user needs for your collaboration space. With swift advancements in technology, it is crucial that you are getting the latest and greatest tech that won't be end-of-life any time soon. Having the right technology consultant is essential to any organization that takes their technological needs seriously. Our team of experts can see the bigger picture for your space, we look at how to tie-in many building functions, such as Access Control, CCTV, IT Infrastructure, Building Management Systems, Digital Signage, Audio Video, Room Schedulers, HVAC Control, Lighting & Acoustics and more. We will create an ecosystem that can manage & collect data and determine asset usage that helps maximize your facility potential.

Design Engineering Programming

Our team knows that a robust and suitable Audio Video Design is good for the people using the technology and our long-term business goals with the customer. We have blended both years of engineering experience and exceptional product knowledge to offer cutting-edge audio video designs for the modern workplace. Our team has implemented a transparent and simplistic design engineering approach so that the customer is getting exactly what they need in their meeting room experience - no more, no less. Our ‘listen first’ and ‘design later’ culture ensures that the customer is heard, and we are able to deliver a system that is in line with their workplace communication needs.

Video Walls, Digital Signage & Kiosks

Large format displays such as Video Walls, Digital Signage and Kiosks, are critical components to displaying information-rich content. They are used by many retailers, the food industry, and others, to advertise and showcase useful or entertaining content. We have installed many small to large format video walls, Digital Signage boards and Kiosks. Areas with high-foot traffic need the best quality content, hardware, and installation. Our training and experience with these solutions has brought to life many entertainment venues and information boards across the industry.

Data Center

A Data Center is a room within a facility that centralizes an organization's shared IT operations and equipment for the purposes of storing and processing data. This is one of the most well-guarded rooms in the company’s building and is critical to the overall operations of the business. Our team are experts at installing racks, large and small, in state-of-the-art Data Centers, IDF rooms and Conference Rooms. We install these behind-the-scenes engines to keep you your business-critical devices operating and your information secure.

Sound Masking Systems

Sound Masking produces ambient white noise frequencies that match the frequency level of human speech. Sound Masking is important in all buildings, it prevents unwanted noise on client calls and limits private conversations from being heard elsewhere. We understand that it's important for your team to have maximum focus in the workplace. That's why we have trained our team to successfully install sound masking systems. Our team is familiar with various aspects of ceiling infrastructure for the workplace environment.

Smart IT Infrastructure

Low Voltage Structured Cabling, Sensors and Access Points are essential in keeping your workplace connected. With quality network cabling and smart sensors, prompt delivery of network data is achieved. Our team can provide structured cabling and IT installations for your specific communication requirements. All low voltage cabling installed by our team is fully tested and certified using a network cable tester. Cables are labelled in accordance with network system drawings so that each connection is traceable. Occupancy sensors can pin-point specific areas in the building occupied by personnel. When a movement is detected, a signal provides useful data on workplace traffic flow. A wireless access point (WAP) is a network device that allows wireless-capable devices to connect to a wired building network. We have extensive experience installing occupancy sensors and wireless access points in the modern workplace. Intelligent data is a critical function in the workplace.

Technology Asset Repair (TAR) & Technology Asset Maintenance (TAM)

A service ticket is raised by your company when a communication device is not working as intended. If the problem cannot be diagnosed remotely, we can step in and do an in-person visual assessment and determine if the outage can be fixed onsite (TAR). Service tickets are inevitable from time to time, and we can help you by responding quickly to these outages. A preventative maintenance approach can be a valuable service to your company; visually inspecting hardware and checking for up-to-date firmware on your devices can downgrade the risk of a future system outage. Our team can provide custom maintenance plans (TAM) that are tailored for your company; frequency of maintenance visits can vary depending on technology usage and user type.

Site Surveys

Site Surveys are visual inspections by our team that capture and deliver information to all project stakeholders in the early stages of a planned project. Site Surveys are a critical part of a telecommunications project. By performing a Site Survey, we will gather all the necessary information needed to validate the next steps of the project. Expect full detailed reports including up-to-date status and photos for each workspace. We can also help identify temporary staging areas onsite for your telecommunications equipment before the installation takes place.

E-Waste Recycling

E-waste recycling is the reprocessing of electrical and electronic equipment of any type that has been discarded in your office. E-Waste recycling of your old communication devices is essential to keeping your office tidy and your carbon footprint low. We can decommission your electronic equipment and safely dispose of it at a nearby e-waste recycling facility. We can also produce an e-waste certificate for your records, so a verification of your recycled equipment is in-line with your local or company green recycling policies.

At we aim to provide a stack of technology services, contact our team today to discuss the services we can help you with. We would like to provide you with a free consultation to see if we are a good partner for your business.